Student work


All student work posted are from students at The Bronx Lab School in the Bronx, New York.  The Bronx Lab School is a non-selective public high school in a traditionally high poverty area.  Students come to my class with varying experiences in art.  Most have had very little to no art experience.  Many have a fixed mindset that if they are unable to draw, then they are not artists.  Two of my main focuses throughout the year is to awaken my students’ creative selves and push them to understand they can visually express meaningful ideas in different art media using the language of artists.


Annual Senior Murals:

Essential Questions:

How does public art represent the experiences and attitudes of a group of people?  What image best represents our graduating class and the experiences we’ve had at Bronx Lab School?

2010:  mosaic






2013 (in progress)

1mural2013 2mural2013 3mural2013

Giant Food Sculptures.

Essential Questions:

How can food symbolize both positive and negative aspects of American culture?  How does size and proportion affect our understanding of an object?

Medium:  Paper mache, obscene amounts of tape and paint.


Ceramic Vessels:  Reliquaries.

Essential Questions:

How does the design of the vessels we use reflect the contents they were meant to hold?

Materials:  Stoneware, paint.

clay10 clay9 clay8 clay7 clay5 clay4 clay3 clay2

Self-Portrait as a Chess Piece.

Essential Questions:

How are we reflected in the games we play?  How does light create the illusion of 3 dimensionality in a drawing?

Value.  Materials:  Charcoal.

chess chess1 chess3 chess5

Abstract Expressionism: Painting Music

Essential Questions:

How do we simplify our world into colors and shapes?  How do the arts reflect the emotions that underlie our daily existence?

Medium:  Tempera Paint, College and Acrylic Medium.  All paintings are inspired from the sounds and emotions they hear/feel in music.

Creating a Character:  Cartooning

Essential Questions:

How does our appearance relate to our history?

Medium:  Plaster, wire, foil and tempera paint.

Students learned to draw the human form using gesture and human proportions, ultimately developing and drawing a character of their own.  They then created a 3D figure based on one of their drawings.


My Own Personal Heaven or Hell: Utopia/Dystopia Project.

Essential Questions:

How does the creation of dytopias and utopias allow us to evaluate our society’s faults?

How can we create the illusion of depth on a 2 dimensional surface?


Students used one point perspective to design their own personal Utopia or Dystopia.  Many are ambiguous; students acknowledged that there is often no clear distinction between heaven or hell and sometimes both can coexist in the same space.

The Bronx as a Dystopia

Cartooning Project

These are the drawings from the Cartooning Unit.  See essential questions from above.

The only project this student finished ALL YEAR.  He worked really hard and was very proud of his work.

Yes, it’s a pregnant alien.

Another student who worked very hard. She had to figure out how to draw a horse from the front, with only part of the back leg showing.

Melanie believed herself to be a non-drawer, but she put in a lot of effort with this drawing and surprised herself.

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